Team OnForm partnering Arc Ulysses

Team On Form partner with ARC ULYSSES

An exciting opportunity has arisen for team OnForm & ARC-ulysses to partner, the partnership was born following introductions from former professional racer Bex Rimmington who had guested for the Dutch team based in Amsterdam on previous occasions.

Bex, who has ridden under the management of team OnForm principle Simon felt with the success OnForm has had in 2017 and the professionalism shown throughout its first year of racing OnForm was the ideal fit for ARC-Ulysses.

Combining local knowledge, contacts & recourses will allow riders to race around Europe in races the teams individually would not be able to participate in, ARC-ulysses will facilitate OnForm riders & OnFrom will facilitate ARC-ulysses riders.

The first race the team will be racing is Drentse 8 van Westerveld on Friday.

Not only will 4 riders be racing but team sports therapist Simon Wintle will also be working with the team.


Charlotte Redden
Lauren Murphy
Anna Henderson
Leah Dixon

Team OnForm principal Simon commented

“The partnership will create significant opportunities for both sides, with racers, coaches and staff all able to learn from different environments with different people, challenges and cultures.”

“The team’s philosophy and vision is to provide maximal professional support, new opportunities & ultimately rider development, this partnership fulfils all these goals”

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