Oli Smee

Oli Smee from Belper, and a student on the Cycling Performance course at Writtle University College spent a tough block of racing abroad at the start of 2017, Oli returned to the UK with more fight and perseverance than ever and was able to achieve many of his goals for the year. He looks forward to racing in the OnForm colours in 2018 and hopes to really put himself out there, racing again in France to further up his game.
“Great things never come from comfort zones”

My website – Oliver’s Website

Lives Kilburn, Derbyshire

2017 Results
• Harvey Haddon Crit Winner

• 21st at French National GP du Villedubert

• Achieved first National Points

Career Highlights

• Achieving 2nd cat in 2017

• Windley RR 2016 3rd

• Gaining valuable experience in France at the start of 2017

I’d like to one day reach the level in cycling where I can make a living from it. Be it in this country or abroad I am not yet sure but the opportunities I have had so far have enabled me to get closer to my dream and i’m not prepared to stop at anything

Any other interest away from cycling
• Listening to music
• Freelance Photographer/Graphics Design
• Taking things apart whether its my bike or my car I enjoy the mechanical side of things
• My university work

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